Steve Fallone – Website

Background: I was commissioned by my father, Steve Fallone, who is a GRAMMY-winning audio engineer, to create a discography website that promotes his mastering services in order to reach potential clients.

Process: I started with a responsive, single-page Bootstrap template and customized the site by hard-coding the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Brackets. This enabled me to have a solid foundation in building and then customizing the site. To create the full discography, I organized a list of every album he worked on in alphabetical order, and gathered and resized photos of each. To ensure optimal web performance, I added Todd Motto’s lazy loader Echo, which only loads images as the user scrolls.

Result: Overall, it was a great challenge to create the website on my own, as I needed to do a lot of debugging, testing, and online research in order to achieve a working and cohesive website across all platforms. Completing the website allowed me to gain new knowledge on creating and publishing a website, as well as new knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and SEO, but most importantly the valuable experience of problem-solving. The result not only gave Steve his own brand to stand out amongst other mastering engineers, but brought in new clients.


Steve Fallone Responsive Website on Macbook, iPad, and iPhone
Steve Fallone’s responsive discography website.
Full Discography Page
Full discography page.