Hair Glow – Branding | Graphic Design | Website

Background: A local salon commissioned me to rebrand their business by creating a new logo, website, business cards, and brochures in order to bring in new clients and create a more cohesive and memorable brand.

Process: I based the logo off of the “Glow” part of the salon’s name and gave it a pale yellow glow. Then, I created the website, as the business did not previously have one. Understanding the importance of a web presence for businesses these days, I created the site using Squarespace, as I had not yet learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, I was able to use my foundation in design to create a site that corresponded to the minimal, modern look of the new logo. After creating the site, I focused on the brochures. I started by compiling the salon’s own images and menu of services, and wrote text for the “About” section. Then, based on hierarchy, I organized the information, resulting in a concise trifold brochure that maintains the new brand’s style. Finally, I created the business cards, again making sure the most important information was emphasized, plus I added a memorable illustration.

Result: After rebranding and publishing the website, the salon noticed a significant increase in business. Through search engine optimization, I was able to bring the salon’s website up to the third Google listing for salons in their competitive town. It was challenging creating a new brand, but using my knowledge in graphic and web design, I was able to produce a memorable and more modern brand for a rising local business.


The outside of the Hair Glow brochure
The outside of the Hair Glow brochure.
The inside of the Hair Glow brochure
The inside of the Hair Glow brochure.
Hair Glow Responsive Website
Hair Glow responsive website.
Hair Glow business cards.
Hair Glow business cards.