Double – Graphic Design

Background: For my Design 1 course, we were given the opportunity to design a zine, in groups of four, around the word “double”, with 1-2 spreads per person. Being one of my first group projects for Design, I took the challenge of being the project leader to make sure we managed our time properly in order to meet deadlines.

Process: Using my own interpretation of the word, I created two spreads that focus on duplicates in the natural world, comparing natural objects with human body parts. I began by creating a grid system for our group to use throughout the zine. Then, I edited images in Photoshop, some being my own, and wrote text that further drew out the similarities between the objects. Afterwards, I arranged the spreads in InDesign and added a minimal page design to all pages to combine them cohesively. To add the final touches, I designed the cover art, an abstract brain, using Illustrator and Photoshop, which I then screen printed. Finally, our group printed our spreads, arranged them in the correct order, and then bound the pages together.

Result: This project was an important milestone in my design experience because I learned how to lead and communicate on a team project in order to meet each deadline. I also learned the process for designing for print and the importance of time management in order to proof print. Readers of the zine found the layout to be effective and easy to read, and my interpretation of the word unique and interesting.

Zine cover of an abstract brain
Zine cover of an abstract brain.
First zine spread comparing brain coral to the human brain
First zine spread comparing brain coral to the human brain.
Second zine spread comparing apples to human hearts
Second zine spread comparing apples to human hearts.
Screen printing process
Screen printing process.