Class Projects

Becoming Plastic: The Journey of Plastic from Product to Pollutant – Website | Interactive

Background: “Becoming Plastic” is my senior capstone project, created as a nonlinear storytelling interactive experience on plastic pollution. Inspired by the works of environmental artists, interactive and educational museum exhibitions, and interactive websites, I implemented a combinational approach that has rarely been explored by other artists in order to help Americans better grasp the grim […]

Zine cover of an abstract brain

Double – Graphic Design

Background: For my Design 1 course, we were given the opportunity to design a zine, in groups of four, around the word “double”, with 1-2 spreads per person. Being one of my first group projects for Design, I took the challenge of being the project leader to make sure we managed our time properly in […]

Screen shot of body motion while using Floral Wonderland.

Floral Wonderland – Interactive

Background: In my intermediate Creative Programming course, we were challenged to experiment with body tracking in Processing. Process: I chose to create an interactive experience using a webcam and particle systems. The code scans the pixel colors from the video feed and when it recognizes a significant change in a pixel’s color, it adds the […]

Kaleidoscope – Interactive

Background: For my final project for my Interactive Installations course, I created “Kaleidoscope” for users to experiment with color and light in a fun and interactive way. Process: Light and RGB sensor input is read through Arduino, which is then translated into Processing to create unique, kaleidoscope-like patterns. The viewer takes a laser pointer and […]

Growing Tree, Growing Me – Interactive

Background: Inspired by the intersection of nature with the digital, I created “Growing Tree, Growing Me” for my final project in my intermediate Creative Programming course as a personal interactive project that is reflective of my personal growth through a fractal tree. Process: This project required a lot of research, prototyping, and experimentation in order […]

Screenshot of extension on music blog

Sisyphean Web – Chrome Extension

Background: Challenged in my Creative Programming 2 course to create a Chrome browser extension that focuses on artistic erasure, I created The Sisyphean Web, meaning a task that can never be completed. The extension is inspired by the idea of abstraction in modern art, as well as Internet art. Process: I chose to erase the […]

Plastic Growth – Photo Manipulation | Concept Project

Background: For my advanced Creative Programming course, I challenged myself to explore photo manipulation, more specifically glitch art, through code. Inspired by my senior capstone project and Kim Asendorf’s pixel sorting, I chose the subject of plastic pollution and to contrast it against nature through glitch art. To set the foundation of the project, I […]